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Strategy Our team will work closely together with you to design a strategy tailored closely to your business goals. We analyze your business, its environment and its competitors in depth. Based on that, we will deliver a strategy that separates your business from its competitors to overtake in rankings and market share. Our team can […]
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Technology Offering the latest tools is important to gain new customers and to keep the regular ones at the same time. Let us support you with our knowledge of the newest payment methods, add-ons and features. Our team knows what users are demanding now and what they will desire tomorrow. The gathered expertise of our […]
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Venture Capital

Venture Capital The Sharp Group believes in innovative ideas. If you are a motivated team with a brilliant idea, but lack financial capital, we can support you either directly or via partners.    We see a huge gap in Europe between great ideas and support from venture capitalist. To help young companies strive, we want […]
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Marketing An optimized Marketing Strategy is key to growth. Our team develops a modern strategy for you and executes it if desired. The Sharp Gruppe is specialized in Marketing for the Gaming Sector, which has its very own rules. We understand the principles innovative, viral Marketing for modern times.  Our Marketing services cover Marketing Strategy, […]
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Products Our team understands the latest trends and which products or game types are desired by your audience. We are happy to expand your portfolio with innovative games that gain you more customers and increase the activity per player.  Unique games can be the factor that differentiate you from the competition. We understand game theory, […]
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Compliance Laws and conditions change quickly in the gaming industry. We are connected with industry-specified lawyers who are always updated with the latest compliance and legal requirements. Our team will consult you on any legal questions that you may have. We can check the legality of your product in any country and inform you about […]
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