Use Cases

Affiliate Management System

Implementation & Operation

Our team can assist you in selecting the ideal Affiliate Management System to reach the next level with your brand and allow you to reach a multiple of potential customers quickly. 

We know the best suppliers, their advantages and pitfalls and we can guide you to make the decision for the Affiliate System that fits your needs. 

The Implementation will be guided by us. We are happy to support you through the entire process, from the initial contact until the go-live (and beyond). We have technical expertise and vast experience from executing these projects successfully. 

Once the System is up and running, we can manage it for you to make sure your affiliates are performing and your reward system benefits you and not only the affiliate. 

OKR Implementation

Since a few years OKR is the most requested framework for companies to work more effectively. Some of the most successful digital companies (Google, Tesla, Amazon) work with OKR because it allows to focus on key Objectives and highly increases the productivity of each employee. 

Implementing OKR means identifying your real Objectives, communicating them to your employees and ensuring that each member of your organization works focussed towards his target. 

Our team has implemented OKR successfully in several organizations, one of them being the Scout Gaming Group, a stock-listed company. 

By implementing OKR, the company was able to identify company and group objectives, could work more focussed, reached new growth targets and increased its revenue.

Premier League Deal & Activation

While working with the biggest Fantasy Sports Provider in Europe, we negotiated and brought to life a partnership deal with a Premier League Club.

Our team knows how to evaluate partnership deals, can analyse which clubs are a potential partner and can add real value to your brand. 

We can guide you through the initial phase of finding a partner and then conduct the negotiations. 

Once the deal is made, our team is also able to support you in activating your rights and making sure you reach the full potential of your partnership.